Tri-Series Part Two – Pre Sale

With the success of Part One and the idea behind the project firmly lodged into peoples minds, it is time to start the Limited Vinyl pre-sale of Tri-Series Part Two .

Continuing the ‘made for vinyl’ approach to production and mastering, Tri Series Part Two Limited Vinyl Edition keeps that nostalgic feel alive with ‘A Future Memory’, a collaboration between Activa & John Dopping.
This 9 min epic doesn’t overpower and lets you sink into its production with swirling acids, deep atmosphere and melting pluck lines.

On the ‘B Side’ are two tracks that are by no means, ‘B Sides’!


‘The Lost Language’ would equally be at home on Side A – written and named in homage to the label that bought us so many great releases in the early 00’s. Expect a thick, lush gated pad and the return of funk, groove and breaks to trance, from the bassline and percussion!

Finally, we see the return of Mekk V a popular alias from Activa that showcases a harder, techier sound. Rotation is no different in that respect, but keeps in with the ethos of the release by bringing back that early 00’s ID&T groovy tech trance sound.

Check out the previews on Soundcloud

EU customers will be able to buy copies from the Magik Muzik shop, based in Holland, where the pre-order for this release is now open and expected in stock at the start of May 2021